on the rocks ~ paleo retreat

beautiful rooms, great views, paleo food
Lagorce, Ardèche, Southern France

paleo cuisine du terroir

organic ~ local ~ fresh
no gluten ~ no grains ~ no sugar

take your health into your own hands

grain-free cooking workshops
introductions to nutrition and health

on the rocks


We have a beautiful house with great views, kitchen, spacious rooms, split levels on both floors, a lounge with a fireplace, as well as a balcony. Additionally, from mid-May to mid-September we have a cheap, charming, cool room with vaulted ceiling in a medieval cellar with its own ground-level entrance in the herb and flower garden.


All our food is gluten, grain and sugar-free and we cater for paleo/GAPS/SCD and ketogenic diets with carefully selected local, seasonal, organic and wild foods, straight from the pastures of small-scale producers, complemented with home brewed probiotics and special treats.

Courses & events

Explore grain-free cooking, learn about nutrition and health, food and development politics, lose weight, while enjoying the paleolithic landscape of Ardeche, famous for its cave paintings, rivers and streams, herbs and fragrances - as well as natural wine.
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Le Chadafaud, 07150 Lagorce
Ardèche, France
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