Paleo retreats for practitioners

We also facilitate paleo/primal/whole food/real food/slow food/gluten free retreats for practitioners who either want a focused stay for themselves or with a group of clients.

chauvetPerhaps you are a health practitioner and want to familiarise yourself with grain-free diets, fermentation techniques and resistant starches. We fill you in and get you up to speed, enabling you to introduce your clients to an inspired, healthy way of eating.

Or you might be a health practitioner, who has already incorporated a grain free, whole food approach in your work, and you want to bring a group of clients to a special location for a retreat where you can rest assured that the catering is precisely what you want and need – and made with love.

We feed you and your clients according to your specifications, leaving you to do your work. Seminars with a view, exercise programmes in the wild and swims are some of the features we offer.

Get in touch to discuss your needs:

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