Ayahuasca in Ecuador: Natural Medicine Gathering

Our friend Mo will be in our house to help self-catering guests, while we will be at the exciting, inaugural Natural Medicine Gathering, Tena, Napo, Ecuador, April 11-15, 2017 where we will be giving presentations on the protection of traditional knowledge, the microbiome and that sort of thing, while learning more about traditional healing practices and ayahuasca in Ecuador with an association of approx. 80 Ecuadorian shamans:

Experience ayahuasca in Ecuador: An all-star event, not a five star event, organised by CYRAE (Consejo de Yachak Runas Amazonicos del Ecuador / an association of more than 80 traditional Ecuadorian healers) to support and profile their work and to bring shamans, real food activists, nature lovers, magicians, alchemists, psychonauts and other researchers together in a shared space of collective visions for a future of the planet. The event will be embedded in local (Napo Runa) Kichwa culture, who will benefit from your participation, and any profits will support CYRAE and help organise next year’s event.

This what they write about the food:

Most food will be locally sourced from indigenous people’s forest gardens – no pesticides nor other nasty chemicals – some wild foods will be gathered in the forest, natural salt from the Andes will be used sparingly and a bit of coconut oil from the coast will be imported across the mountains. Simple breakfast means boiled eggs, yuca, chicha and guayusa with seasonal surprises. Lunch will be wrapped in Bijao (Calathea lutea) leaves and cooked over charcoal in the traditional Kichwa style (maito). All gluten free, no dairy, no added sugar. There will be a vegetarian/vegan option. Lots of guayusa. Join the gathering, in the home of ayahuasca, and help spread the word.

If you would like to join us in the Ecuadorian Amazon, get in touch! We will happily guide you through the experience and provide translation, if your Spanish is not too good. There will be shamanic shenanigans of various kinds, including ayahuasca ceremonies in sacred places:


Ayahuasca in Ecuador

On the Rock’n’Toothpowder

Natural toothpowder:

I’ve stopped using toothpaste a few years ago, as I was catapulted into a world of dental health and unhealth when our toddler’s teeth suddenly started crumbling away – fast.

The problem with virtually all toothpastes – even the most hippy-dippy organic ones – is that they contain glycerin. Glycerin apparently coats your teeth (making them feel nice and smooth), and prevents remineralisation – a daily, natural process through which your teeth rebuild themselves with the minerals present in your saliva.

I got a bit geeky on the issue and came up with an elaborate recipe. It works amazingly well on sensitive and broken teeth and – from all the feedback I have had – on cavities. (Yes, your teeth can defend themselves and you can heal cavities without drilling and filling! More on this in some future post.)


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