GAPS Intro Diet Mandala: For inspiration, for kids, for a better living.

In order to animate our son and the process as such, and of course to keep an overview of things, we created a “mandala” to guide us through the GAPS Intro Diet. We had developed a grain-free, organic, all natural, seasonal, full GAPS and paleo inspired way of eating for three years already, when we decided to do a GAPS Intro Diet in January this year. Just after the boy turned three. At this stage he had very few digestive problems, none that were frequently recurring, and neither did we. That’s why it only took us five weeks to “complete the mandala”, but the effect was clearly felt. Perhaps a bit too techy for some sensitivities, but a fitting metaphor in current culture: it felt like our gut flora was rebooted to a fresh start.

GAPS Intro Diet Mandala: For inspiration

GAPS Mandala: Click for full size.

Before commencing the intro, we made sure that our son understood what we were going to do. We explained that it was about “making the tummy happy”, “kicking out troublemakers”, “growing strong and healthy” and so on….

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