Info for bookings in 2016: Real food holiday

UPDATE: Our calendar is almost full for 2016. Currently we can only offer real food holiday: you cook yourself!

In addition to having a baby, rethinking and reconceptualising our guest house (after three full seasons with great experiences, much success and an increasing demand) we will in 2016 also be focused on research – some of which we will collect on the embryonic | Real Food Nexus | website – and, therefore:

We are currently only able to accept bookings for “self-catering” (real food holiday) and only in the months of May, June, July and August (more details below). Self-catering can, however, be facilitated (at cost price plus a modest fee, depending on your specific needs): we can provide organic vegetables and pastured meat from local, small-scale producers, as well as any other desired products, such as coconut oil, sea weed, spices and (wildcrafted) herbs. You will have to cook yourself, but we’re happy to make suggestions and discuss options when time permits.

The Blue House will be available from May to August for (facilitated) self-catering on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday, for up to 5 people. One week costs €500. Click to book (or request further info):

Probiotic ice cream recipe: Fermented in water kefir. Blended.

It’s winter, it seems… Our lovely guests this weekend, just took this lovely shot of the Pont d’Arc:


Late November, 2015

Not really the time to make ice cream, but nice to think of summer.

Again this year we made a lot of probiotic ice cream. All kinds of flavours, some too much to deal with. Anything goes for a try, though, I’d say, just mix up the environment you live in, make fermentation bins of local berries, fruits, nuts, greens, and have a bacterial party:

Probiotic ice cream recipe: Fermented in water kefir. Blended.

How to:

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We’re expanding: The Guest Room now available!

Things are going well on the rocks and on popular demand we’ve expanded our accommodation options. Below the Blue House, in a converted cellar with vaulted ceiling, you find “The Guest Room”, a double bedroom with en-suite shower and toilet, which used to serve as an office and studio. Because it’s a “cellar” it is nice and cool in the summer and because it’s on the rocks it has its own ground-level entrance, just above the garden, and a window with view. You can have your food served in the room at a small table, on one of the shared terraces or on our dinner table. The choice is yours.

Prices for the Guest Room with full catering(!) are as follows:

€75 per night for one person. €115 for two.

Children under 2 are free. Children between 2 and 5 are €10 each per night. Children between 5 and 12 are €20 each per night. Over 12 count as adults.

The room is suitable for a couple with a small child, possibly two small children.

If you are interested in less-than-full catering, or if your situation is in any way particular, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss a special option and price:

Brain food and rare pigs: it doesn’t get much better,

Finding food sources and nutritional science facts and fiction, anecdotes and experimenting with what we eat continue to occupy our time and mind space in our quest for activating the second brain (more on that in future posts). In this post I will explore our meat sources a little bit.

From a farm 25 minutes south of here – called La Ferme de Gaston – we get a selection of pork (including lard, sausages, feet, tails, heads and throats) from two different kinds of pig: Gascon and Basque pigs, which are rare breeds that grow slowly and get rather fat and are therefore not suitable for industrial production. Happy pigs they are, and delicious for the palate – not like any pork you’ve ever had, unless, of course, you’ve tasted them already 🙂

This is not Marta

This is not Marta

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Happy Solstice 2014: Newsletter from the rocks

Dear Guests – past, potential and future!

The first heat wave came early this year, we’ve just had two weeks pushing 40 during the day, blazing sun, blue sky, and 25 at night – that’s more than 100F and late 70s at night. Normally only July challenges the faint-hearted to such degree. sunny-summer-flowerNot a wind. The hardened, sun-loving local vegetation (thyme, sage, rosemary and so on) has responded vigorously, while much else has given up the ghost. Summer has come, which means feral mulberries everywhere and we’ve been munching away for weeks; especially the on-tree sundried ones are a concentrated treat for the palate. Once upon a time a major industry, silk production has withered, but the mulberry trees on which the silk worm caterpillar feeds exclusively remain scattered along roads, fields and paths, as well as in a little patch grown by the council to feed the caterpillars of the Lagorce silk museum. Continue reading