“…house is amazingly decorated and very pretty.”

Kimi Sands, (UK) – September 2015 (originally posted on Facebook):

“We stayed in the Blue House for 4 nights and it was absolutely beautiful. The house is amazingly decorated and very pretty. The food was fantastic, we didn’t have one meal that we didn’t love and we had a fridge so we could store leftovers to have later too. They cater to food preferences, so anything you really don’t like won’t be included if you ask for it not to be. Even foods me and my partner aren’t usually fond of were amazing and we learned new ways to cook things so we could enjoy them. The scenery is fantastic, it’s a beautiful place to watch the sun rise and set. We were also taken on a trip to Pont D’Arc and it was gorgeous there. Absolutely so many reasons to enjoy this, even if you just want to relax inside it’s well worth it. We’re hoping to get back as soon as we possibly can 🙂 Thank you to all of you for the wonderful stay.”

Stayed for four days, in September, 2015.

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