New Year, New Gut Feeling: Paleo / Yoga Retreat, January 4-11, 2015 (extensions possible!)

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Paleo / Yoga retreat hosts: Amy, Martin and Nina.



Martin and Nina





 7 days 1-on-1 yoga spiced with full paleo catering (more than organic), herbal support and more.

Very limited spaces: from €450 per person.

Please book as soon as possible! / Further details:

Fancy an intimate, exclusive and delicious paleo yoga retreat? Come to the south of France for a new gut feeling in the new year. Our January Paleo / Yoga Retreat is perfect for a group of up to seven, a family or open-minded individuals who like to share ideas, sleeping spaces, beautiful views and old stone houses. Travel info here.


The retreat accommodation is in the Blue House and the Guest Room. Find information about the food here and see the blog in general for photos of the surroundings. Find also a series of photos and commentary on the winter in Ardeche.

The yoga sessions will take place in a near-by room with vaulted ceiling in a recently restored ruin (3 minutes walk through the old part of the village) and they’ll be personalised and prepare for a continuation of your practice at home, whatever your level of prior experience.

The Blue House has two open plan floors, both with split levels and amazing views. It accommodates up to five people.








On the lower floor in the Blue House there is one large, double sofa bed:

Single occupancy: €500 / Shared by two: €750








On the open plan upper floor there is one single futon:

Single occupancy: €400

DSC_0415 DSC_0416







…and there is a double bed:

Single occupancy €500 / Shared by two: €750








In the Guest Room, which is an en-suite double bedroom, there is a double bed:

Single occupancy €500 / Shared by two: €750

DSC_0450 DSC_0451







Further price reduction available: If you want to book the whole retreat for your own group or family, pay just €2300 (max. 7 people).

If you want to share, but have no one to share with, get in touch and we can maybe hook you up with someone in the same situation.

If you want to stay for more than a week and continue your retreat (without Amy, with great food and views), then that’s possible: just get in touch.

This is a tentative outline of the programme. Modifications according to weather etc. The menu will vary with availability.

Sunday 4th:
Arrival in Lagorce all day.
18.00: Buffet dinner, welcome, defining the set and setting, getting to know each other and organising next morning’s sessions.

Monday 5th:
07.45: Morning tea (white, green, black, herbal or coffee) – with kefir and a bite if you want.
08.00-10.00: 20-30 minute 1-on-1 yoga session to assess needs, wants and desires; and chat with Nina about what kinds of herbs you might want to integrate in your retreat (for teas, supplements and general support).
10.30: Brunch – buffet with home made tigernut/coconut yoghurts, chestnut pancakes, fruit, vegetables and water kefir.
12.00: Light walk in the hill across the valley to get a view of the village. Walk can be extended.
14.00: A little snack for those who want.
17.00-18.30: Yoga in group: Deep twists to detoxify from the inside out and meditation.
19.30: Dinner – Steamed vegetables, white sauerkraut, bone broth based wild boar stew with fresh, wild herbs.

Tuesday 6th:
08.45: Morning tea (as above).
09.00-10.00: Yoga: A warming flow practice connecting breath with movement adapted to individual needs.
10.00: Brunch – buffet, as above, with an added bacon and eggs option.
12.30-16.00: Cycle ride to and winter bathing by the amazing Pont d’Arc – if weather permits and you dare! 🙂
17.00-18.30: Yoga: Hip openers and pranayama (breathing exercises).
19.00: Dinner – Grilled fish, red sauerkraut, cauliflower rice with carrots, peas and cabbage and various other condiments and sauces.

Wednesday 7th:
08.45: Morning tea (as above)
09.00-10.00: Yoga: A warming flow practice connecting breath with movement adapted to individual needs.
10.00: Brunch – Chicken salad with vegetables and mayonnaise (olive oil and whole, raw egg), leftovers.
12.00-15.00: Small picnic, long walk through the Salastre Valley to its confluence with the Ibie river.
17.00-18.30: Yoga: A restorative yin practice in which we hold passive poses for longer than usual
19.00: Dinner – Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup (from Well Fed) with acorn crackers.

Thursday 8th:
08.45: Morning tea (as above).
08.00-10.00: 1-on-1 sessions, checking in, feedback, adjustments and visions.
+10.00: Brunch – buffet: yoghurts, pancakes, bacon and eggs, leftovers.
12.00-16.00 – Light cycle ride and walk to the Cascade de la Sompe, a double waterfall, a perfect picnic spot!
17.00-18.30pm: Yoga Nidra – a guided meditation or a lucid dream. Herbal facilitation if you fancy.
19.00: Dinner – Grass-fed burgers, Nightshade free ketchup, salads and other things.

Friday 9th:
08.45: Morning tea (as above).
09.00-10.00: Yoga: A warming flow practice to connect breath with movement….
10.00: Brunch – buffet: yoghurts, pancakes, bacon and eggs, leftovers.
12.00-15.30: Light cycle ride along the river, through the Ibie Valley, visiting pools and waterfalls.
17.00-18.30pm: Yoga: Kriyas and pranayamas to cleanse your gut
19.00: Dinner – Wild salmon cakes, Casablanca Carrots (Well Fed) and more.

Saturday 10th:
07.45: Morning tea (as above).
08.00-10.00: 20-30 minute 1-on-1 yoga sessions with a view to future practice at home; and a chat about herbs if you want.
10.30: Brunch – buffet: yoghurts, pancakes, bacon and eggs, leftovers.
12.00-17.00: Do your own thing!
17.00-18.30: Yoga: The healing power of forward bends and seated postures to massage the gut
19.00: Dinner – buffet with all the things we haven’t finished during the week and special surprises.

Sunday 11th:
08.45: Morning tea (as above).
09.00-10.00: Yoga – a farewell practice together.
11.00: Brunch with leftovers and fill up yourself a lunch box for the journey onward.

And that’s it!

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