Happy Solstice 2014: Newsletter from the rocks

Dear Guests – past, potential and future!

The first heat wave came early this year, we’ve just had two weeks pushing 40 during the day, blazing sun, blue sky, and 25 at night – that’s more than 100F and late 70s at night. Normally only July challenges the faint-hearted to such degree. sunny-summer-flowerNot a wind. The hardened, sun-loving local vegetation (thyme, sage, rosemary and so on) has responded vigorously, while much else has given up the ghost. Summer has come, which means feral mulberries everywhere and we’ve been munching away for weeks; especially the on-tree sundried ones are a concentrated treat for the palate. Once upon a time a major industry, silk production has withered, but the mulberry trees on which the silk worm caterpillar feeds exclusively remain scattered along roads, fields and paths, as well as in a little patch grown by the council to feed the caterpillars of the Lagorce silk museum. Continue reading