On the Rock’n’Toothpowder

Natural toothpowder:

I’ve stopped using toothpaste a few years ago, as I was catapulted into a world of dental health and unhealth when our toddler’s teeth suddenly started crumbling away – fast.

The problem with virtually all toothpastes – even the most hippy-dippy organic ones – is that they contain glycerin. Glycerin apparently coats your teeth (making them feel nice and smooth), and prevents remineralisation – a daily, natural process through which your teeth rebuild themselves with the minerals present in your saliva.

I got a bit geeky on the issue and came up with an elaborate recipe. It works amazingly well on sensitive and broken teeth and – from all the feedback I have had – on cavities. (Yes, your teeth can defend themselves and you can heal cavities without drilling and filling! More on this in some future post.)


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