“De kan noget med mad og nærhed. Perfekte rammer … omkring #rigtigmad”

Thomas Rode Andersen, (Instagram) – November 2015 (posted here, here and here):

“De kan noget med mad og nærhed. Perfekte rammer hvis familien skal finde fokus omkring #rigtigmad” … en utrolig sød familie med hjertet og hjerne på rette sted og med hænderne skruet rigtigt på. Stedet hedder http://lagorcerocks.com og kan varmt anbefales, hvis man som familie gerne vil introduceres til en Palæo relateret livsstil !

Stayed a weekend, in November, 2015.

Life on the rocks – summer to autumn 2014

Click on a photo below to see a Facebook album showing life on the rocks….

Sunset dinner for two on the terrace: Introduction to paleo.

Friday night we served (a paleo introduction) dinner for two, in the sunset, with a view. The guests were welcomed on the terrace with a glass of local, natural red, a bottle of fizzy volcanic water, and a bowl of roasted almonds with shiso-leaf decorated tapenade to dip – – – while we finished their feast in the kitchen.

Coconut grilled fish, Casablanca carrots, Merrynated pumpkin, Kefir fermented cucumber salad, Sauerkrauted beetroot, Wild wok & Summer salad.

An introductory dinner for two like this cost €40 EURO.

Eat as much as you need or want. This is not a restaurant! It’s a retreat of fulfillment.

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