Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your prices include food? sugar

A: No, some of our prices include full catering, usually breakfast, a light lunch and dinner. Other options and hence prices can be arranged, see our Whole Food / Real Food / Slow Food organic holiday with natural wine page for more information about self-catering and separate meal prices.

Q: I can’t afford that, but I want to come, what can I do?

A: We have a very basic option in the summer months, which we call the “paleo camp” (see bottom of this page), for those with little money. You only really pay for the food:

  • One adult, one night: 50 EURO
  • Two adults, one night: 90 EURO
  • Children as above.

Q: I haven’t got a penny, is that the best you can offer?

A: What can you trade?

Q: Where in the world are you?

A: We are in Lagorce, which is a medieval village in lower Ardeche – a region traditionally called Vivarais – in the south of France. To find us, have a look at this page.

Q: What’s your food like? Is it organic?

A: It’s at least organic, mostly local, seasonal, of course only processed by us, except for exotic things like coconut oil, and selected and prepared carefully and colourfully with love. Always something fermenting and cooking in our kitchen.

Q: What activities do you offer?

A: Our main activity is cooking with guests and informally discussing health related matters. We sometimes go with our guests to special places for swims, walks and picnics.

Q: I am not on a health trip, but just want some good food and wine, am I welcome?

A: Of course, we love to wine and dine and and can make your holiday a feast. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Q: When is check-out time?

A: We are very flexible!  No matter what time of day you arrive, we will serve three meals for every night you stay, unless you want only, say, two a day! This means that if you pay for three nights you could (for example) arrive here in the afternoon, get dinner on day 1, sleep over, get 3 meals on day 2, sleep over, get 3 meals on day 3, sleep over and get breakfast and a packed lunch for your return journey on day 4.

Q: What if I don’t eat meals, but just graze throughout the day?

A: Then we will fill up your fridge and you can just munch away at your own leisure.

Q: Can you guarantee that the sun will shine?

A: Not really, but on average the sun shines 300 days a year or more than 6 hours per day. Even December is usually very sunny, so you should be able to produce some Vitamin D. If you stay for a week we guarantee that the sun will shine! 🙂

Q: Can you help me kick my sugar habit?

A: That shouldn’t be too difficult, if you’re willing and trying with an open mind, we just phase it out using substitutes like water kefir, hazelnut butter, maybe some fruit, and definitely movement, great views and joie de vivre. For some, honey can be useful and it’s very good around here and comes in a lot of flavours, such as from the strawberry tree (Arbutus Unedo), a rare, bitter and highly medicinal honey. Combined with coconut and raw cacao that makes for a possible, healthy filler for the sweeter tooth in transition. Once you are off the grains – the core of most sugar addiction – the rest will follow. For some it happens in a week.

Q: Do you have grass-fed beef?

A: Yes, we do, from Salers cattle:

  • “The historical journey for the Salers breed, was first recorded by archaeologists as depicted from ancient drawings in cave dwellings dated some 7,000 years ago. The drawings were found near Salers, a small medieval town in the center of France. These drawings and the Salers cattle of today, which are very different from all other French breeds, bear some resemblance to the ancient Egyptian red cattle. With such a unique background, the breed is considered to be one of the oldest and most genetically pure of all European breeds.”

Q: Are you close to the Grotte Chauvet?

A: Yes, the Grotte Chauvet – one of the most spectacular paleolithic cave art collections ever found, almost 40.000 years old – is just a few miles down the road and we can go for a walk past it, if you fancy! Excitingly, from our dinner table, in the distance, we can see the construction site of the Chauvet cave replica –  open from April 15, 2015.

Q: Is the Pont d’Arc really amazing?

A: Yes, it is absolutely amazing, but it can be very full of tourists in the summer. Come in the morning between 6 and 9, however, and you have most of it to yourself. Swimming under the Pont d’Arc as the cragmartins come out for their morning drink is incredible. More than perfect for winter bathers. It naturally makes you wonder.


Q: What other services do you provide?

A: Ask us! We can potentially offer many things, incl. natural wine tours, naturopathic consultations, guided walks, swims and workshops on a range of things, but generally we offer life on the rocks, such as it is.

Q: What are you on about?

A: Enjoying life – the longer version can be found here. There’s further background info here.

Q: Is that all you have to say?

A: For now, these are our answers to frequently asked questions, but we will add more soon…..

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