Paleo cuisine du terroir

Our paleo cuisine du terroir is more than organic, wild, rare, fermented, colourful, composed, homely made with love and care, gluten free, grain free and can be configured compliant with any LC/HF, GAPS, SCD, auto-immune (AIP), FODMAP & ketogenic protocols or whatever specific dietary preferences and exact nutrition plans you may have – and this includes vegetarian and vegan grain-free diets for cleanses, transitions and reconfiguring your gut, nervous and endocrine systems.

We offer delicious, home made, locally sourced, organic, often fermented, and occasionally rare food with seasonal and ancient varieties of greens, as well as pasture/roaming meats, wild caught fish, decorated to taste with wildcrafted and domesticated herbs, complemented by probiotic drinks (various seasonal flavours of water kefir and raw milk kefir) and snacks (crackers, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, bread made from acorns, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts) and for the special moment, homemade raw chocolate truffles.

If you want two big meals a day, we will prepare that for you. If you want three smaller meals a day, we will prepare that for you. If you want to graze and snack regularly, we will fill up your fridge for you and you can do as you please. Whatever you need and want, we will strive to satisfy you: this is a health retreat centre, not a restaurant, so what you need and want is what you get!

All meals include water and a selection of probiotic drinks. Upon request, we can also serve locally brewed wine with no chemical treatment or additives, i.e. sulphite free natural wine from local vineyards.

You can find more info in our accommodation and prices page, but please do feel free to contact us with any special requests and we will work something out and negotiate a price:

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