Why paleo?

We call our food “paleo cuisine du terroir” because it is local, whole, real and organic food currently without grains and with some starches, home brews and elixirs.

Lots has happened since the “paleo diet” became popular, but on the rocks is still located in a region famous for its paleolithic art and culture, such as the Grotte Chauvet-Pont’d’Arc, and that’s why we call our whole food / real food guest house a paleo retreat.

We have no scheduled activities and no set pogrammes. When we have guests we spend most of our time in the kitchen or outside finding herbs. You are welcome to join us. In our guest house you can enjoy great views and be fully catered for or you can cook your own meals. We can serve you according to your specific dietary needs and wants – vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous, juicing, herbal cleansing, taoist, breatharian or whatever your current trip is – making sure you get the best stuff that can be found around here. All at least organic, sometimes wild and always colourful and composed.

Sicillian Oran ge Juice Water Kefir FermentWe are an unschooling family and we like to eat the best food we can find locally, straight from producers and workers’ coops, cooked with care and eaten with joy. While we’re happy to make just the food you want, we eat seasonally and intuitively ourselves. If you want to join us at our table, then just come along. Sometimes we have our own mead and we can always get you local, natural wine from vinyards down the road.

 The only constant is change (FAQ).

The rocks is not a place where orthopraxy thrives, but if you suffer from it, come see us on the sweet side. As stated elsewhere, “if dancing is not part of your diet, then it is not my diet”.

why-paleo-roomsWhy paleo? To remember what once was.

Why retreat? To unschool, ferment and regroup.

Or just for a holiday…

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